About me

My name is Jan

Jan_Brabenec_-cbI was born in Starý Plzenec in the Czech Republic. Recently. Just about half century ago. Sometimes I have a feeling that if I wanted to, I could recall every moment. The house in which I saw for the first time the light of day still stands. I think that it is its yellow facade, I remember the most.

I spent my childhood in several places. The longest time in a place called Klánovice. For a relatively short time, I had an atelier in Prague, in a small round tower.
Now I live with my wife in Vienna along with our son and his family. And once again I have an atelier in Prague. This time, in a large, square tower…

My wife and I manage Gallery Jan in Vienna. If i do not zigzag between Vienna and Prague, I’m trying to work. The basic material which I use is cow leather. From it I create jewelry, sculptures and paintings.

Products of my making wear traces of momentary mood. To create an optimistic, energetic painting, I often have to be very sad. This also works in the opposite direction. Sometimes a painting can succeed in conveying a state of mind, often even a message. An acute observer can often recognize that before me.

Time and time again I am pleasantly surprised when someone gets so attached to my art, that he goes on and buys a piece. That is the right affirmation of my purpose for me. Sometimes I’m sad to part from my creation, sometimes I wish it best luck, sometimes I envy it.

If, by any chance, I meet one of my creations, which have been for a long time in someone else’s home, I can still feel the warm family atmosphere. And I am grateful. I thank to everyone who cares about my work, cares for it.

It is not just about money – in fact, not at all – it is about relationship to things, the arts, and, ultimately, about the relationship with oneself.